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In order to sell directly to our customers, I have created this web page that lists the items that I have currently for sale. In order to request an item, please click on the request button that will generate an email to me. Include inside the email your contact information along with shipping address and I can get back to you on the delivery options availibe. If you are in the local West GTA area, it might be possible to arrange for a contactless drop off of the items to your location. Otherwise I will look into what shipping options are availible such as Caanada Post or UPS. If you have any other questions, please send me an email and let me know what I can help you with.


Charcuterie & other boards

This is a special and quite rare piece. Made from a large leaf maple burl, this charcuterie board set would make a bold statement for any table. A burl is a rare occurance on a tree and as the big leaf maple only account for less than 18% of all maple trees in Canada, even more so. This fine tight grained wood has a very interesting swirl pattern in the grain and multiple opalescent eyes. The live edge on the outside of the board has most of the bark still remaining. Three feet made out of black and white marbled ebondy give the illusion that the board is floating on the surfage. Polished to a slik smooth and finished with local sorced bees wax.

Size ( cm x cm) Cost: Please enquire. Sold as a set.

Request Big Leaf Burl charcuterie set

This is locally sourced live edge walnut slab from just outside of Cayuga On. Made from air dryed walnut, this charcuterie board shows off the varying colours inside a walnut tree from the pale tan to a deep brown with a interesting fire pattern in the middle of the larger end. Polished to a slik smooth and finished with local sorced bees wax.

Size ( cm x cm) Cost: $95.

Request 2017 #01 Walnut charcuterie board

Pens, Pencils and Pointers

Ornamnets, Jewelry & other small items

The Christmas season is once again over. We look forward to 2021 when we will be bring out another new decoration for your enjoyment

Aromatic Cedar boards. These bundles of 5 boards can be used for lining your draws for the wintertime to keep out bugs and pests. Or place them around an artifical tree to give it that real cut tree small.

Size 16" x 4" (41cm x 10.15cm) $20 (for 5 piece bundle)

Request Aromatic Cedar Bundle

Bespoke and custom made items items

Custom and bespoke items are generally made to order. If you are looking for something special, please contact me with what you are looking for and the specifications. As custom items are usually a one off item, a quote for shop time plus materials is given. Please contact me at:...